Primark Master Contour Palette Review


Something that has become very popular in the beauty industry is contouring. It's something I have been interested in trying but didn't want to spend much on.
 When in Primark recently, I thought I'd take a look at their makeup range as it's affordable and I've heard so many great reviews from other bloggers. 
I picked up the Master Contour Palette for a bargain £6, containing 8 cream shades in total ( 3 highlight, 2 bronze and 3 Contour) it really is great value for money.

I think this palette only comes with one choice of universal shades and although I'm quite a pale person, I have been using the darkest contour shade the palette contains.
Usually I wouldn't ever apply the darkest shade in a palette but the great thing with these is that they're really buildable, so not too much is applied to start with and you can always then add more
In terms of the product being cream based, as a person with oily skin it isn't something I would usually go for. However I'm really suprised at how well they work with my skin and how long they last.

I usually apply the contour shade below my cheek bones, around the edge of my face and down the sides of my nose then use a buffing brush, to buff the products into my skin.
The bronze shade is generally applied all over my face to add a slight bronzed effect however I don't tend to use this as much during autumn/winter time, as pale skin looks more natural around this time of year. 
The highlight shade is applied to my cheekbones, brow bones and cuspids bow. Out of the three highlight shades, (top three in the palette) the first one is the one I will probably get the most use out of, due to it my own personal preference of it having a shimmer.

Overall I'm really impressed this palette! I love the fact that it was only £6, contains 8 shades and works really well on the skin. My only downside would be that buying the palette as a whole, just means it contains some shades that I won't get as much use out of as the others. 

After trying this palette and really liking it, I'm hoping to buy some more products from the Primark makeup range. 
Do you have any Primark Makeup Items you have tried and would recommend to me?

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